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Because Indonesian is a language that is evolving quickly, it is good to know that KAMUS-online.com has stored phrases and expressions in it's online dictionary. On this page is a short overview of the most important facts.

The dictionary uses the modern day spelling, you have to replace the following to comply to the new spelling.
oe > u
tj > c
dj > j
j > y

Some words are abbreviated in real life, but in this dictionary they are not.
yg > yang
utk > untuk
dgn > dengan

Common writing language also contains lots of '2' behind a word, this means a copy of the exact word has been left out to make it shorter.
malu2 > malu-malu
gado2 > gado-gado
pura2 > pura-pura

Some phrases will feature an abbreviation. The meaning of these abbreviations can be found below.
Jav. > Javanese
Kal. > Kalimantanese
Sund. > Sundanese
Pal. > Palembangese

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